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Southern Ocean

When passion, respect and time come together with the pure waters of Australia’s Great Southern Ocean, the most prized and unique shellfish in the world are proudly reared for you by Yumbah.

Yumbah’s story brings together respect for the original inhabitants of Australia and the unique qualities of the Great Southern Ocean. It is with permission from the traditional custodians of the Yaygirr language that we call ourselves Yumbah, meaning ‘larger shellfish’.

The Great Southern Ocean brings nutrient-abundant currents from deep arctic canyons to the shores of southern Australia, in a natural phenomenon known as the Bonney Upwelling. Yumbah’s farms are located to take advantage of these unique, life-giving waters.

It is in this pristine environment Yumbah sustainably grow shellfish, with passion and pride, to create a prized seafood experience shared by retailers, international distributors, wholesalers and restaurateurs worldwide.

Our Harvest

All of our farms are nestled on the scenic shores of the Great Southern Ocean, a sea renowned for its clean, unpolluted and crystal clear waters. This is the environment that gives our abalone the sweetest flavour and enables us to consistently deliver only the very highest quality seafood.

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The magic of nature

Discover the natural phenomenon known as the 'Bonney Upwelling' and the important role it plays in producing some of the world's most prized seafood.